How to keep talent in your company!

Today, more and more employers are faced with the challenge of finding a workforce that is reliable, has the right attitude and is determined to work hard for the success of the company. However, sometimes they forget that as well as attracting new talent, it is also important to retain older people who have actively […]

3 Remote Work Bingo Ideas

Remote work bingo

Bingo is used to be known as a boring game in the Old People’s Home. But since the coronavirus completely changed our working methods, somehow Bingo became a fun activity that can be played remote too. We have 3 Remote Work Bingo ideas for you, to get your colleagues hyped.  How to play a WFH […]

A little competition never hurts!

For foreign and domestic market players alike, it is no news that competition can bring a lot of positive benefits, as it brings out the best in most companies. But what can you do when your business is not performing as well as it should compared to your competitors? This is where TeamPuli can help […]

You can even use your mobile phone to improve your health!

The advent of smartphones has completely changed our lives, taking us from a phone to a camera, a music player and a mini computer with internet access. While there are still many people who have not yet discovered the potential of the new-age mobile phones, fortunately the majority have mastered their use and have become […]

Losing Track of Time at Work

Losing track of time at work is often related to mental health. Time management is a crucial skill for most of the jobs, and the managers have to recognize if an employee is able to guess the period of time for their projects. How can you measure productivity and improve time management skills for your […]

How to get the perfect night’s sleep!

As we get older, the quality of our sleep becomes more important, because if it’s not right, it will have a lot of negative effects on us: it will significantly weaken our immune system, we will be physically and mentally less fit, and our concentration and memory will be poorer. But there are some great […]

How gamification can help you stay healthy!

One of the most important tasks of gamification is to extend the elements found in games to activities beyond games. In essence, this is the method used by TeamPuli to provide ongoing motivation for people to move as much as possible. But how can you really motivate them to do this? It depends entirely on […]

So you should walk as much as possible!

As many of you may already know, at TeamPuli we believe that exercise can work wonders if you’re keen to stay healthy and prevent illness. However, you don’t have to jump into it with a weeks-long exercise programme and a diet that covers every meal – it’s enough to start with the smallest steps to […]

How to get less active colleagues involved!

In every workplace, there are colleagues who are more introverted and passive than other colleagues, for various reasons. This can be due to burnout, relationship problems, mental illness and many other factors, so it is important to approach the issue as carefully as possible and not to trivialise it, as you will never really know […]