About us

More than 4 years ago we created our first health promotion system, Fitpuli. As Medical professionals, we’ve seen first-hand that most people start looking after their health only when they’re in trouble or on the verge of it and we wanted to prevent it.
Active workers are often the most vulnerable to diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyles, even though there are many proven and effective ways to prevent them. As we spend a third of our lives at work, the workplace can be a key setting, not just a part of, but a key arena for developing a healthy lifestyle. The Fitpuli team is made up of experts like practicing doctors, IT specialists, organisational psychologists – but above all, we are health-conscious human beings!


Our first Puli

This is how the idea of the Fitpuli digital workplace health program was born.  We have created a comprehensive health promotion framework that helps to improve the physical and mental health of employees and increase company efficiency at the same time. Our virtual health guard, Lupi, has now improved the sleep quality, mood, nutrition, and exercise habits of more than 30,000 users at companies such as UNION Insurance, National Public Utilities, and Budapest Bank.

At the same time, Fitpuli is a personal health promotion app for employees extending its effects beyond the workplace.


A new dog, but our dog’s puppy.

TeamPuli is a corporate pedometer app integrated into a playful framework, designed for our prospective partners who want to strengthen communication and relationships within their organization, all in the spirit of healthy living.

It aims to improve employee health and thus performance, in an easy-to-use digital system.

With TeamPuli, health awareness is fun, making the employee and the company more competitive while increasing efficiency.

Our application aims to bring colleagues closer together through the joy of movement, as we know that it is harder to start moving towards a more active life alone. In many cases, this is where the buck stops, but we believe that by working together, making the change towards healthier everyday lives is easier.

We created the TeamPuli pedometer with this aspiration in mind. Now colleagues can compete not only as individuals but also as a team. Competition increases the effectiveness of the program, and teamwork helps to reduce the distance between colleagues, making work more dynamic and productive.



How is TeamPuli different from Fitpuli?


Similarly to Fitpuli, the aim is to maintain and improve health, but we approach it from a different angle.

TeamPuli is a new suite of programs that can be used independently, with an emphasis on playfulness. Lupi helps members stay healthy while deepening the bond between colleagues. It helps to build closer and more effective teams to make the digital transition much more smooth. It connects different generations within the team and acts as an ongoing team-building trainer. Not only does it generate a more productive and vibrant working environment, but it can also reduce staff turnover.

In a digital, playful environment, it improves the company’s internal and external image, making its employer branding strategy more effective and further strengthening its market position.