How to get the perfect night’s sleep!

As we get older, the quality of our sleep becomes more important, because if it’s not right, it will have a lot of negative effects on us: it will significantly weaken our immune system, we will be physically and mentally less fit, and our concentration and memory will be poorer.

But there are some great ways to trick your body into sleeping better. It’s worth spending as much time outdoors as possible during the day, and even if you’re at home or at work, let as much light in as possible.

At night, however, we need a completely different tactic, as we should minimise our screen time: the less time you spend watching your computer, TV or mobile phone screen, the better. Of course, it’s not always easy to do this, so it’s a good idea to set your devices so that brightness and colour temperature change dynamically. This way, your body will perceive minimal light, which will set the tone for bedtime to come soon.

Plus, it will calm you down, which is one of the secrets to undisturbed sleep. A high quality of sleep is also helped by a high proportion of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep throughout the sleep cycle, which means you’ll wake up more rested. Therefore, if you wake up in the middle of the night, use the dimmest light source possible and try to sleep in a noise-free environment, on a comfortable bed and in a stable position.

It is often the case for people with mental work that, although they are mentally exhausted by the evening, they are almost physically not at all, making it very difficult for them to fall asleep. But if you include some exercise in your day, you can avoid this situation.

That’s where our community pedometer TeamPuli comes in handy, to help you get into the habit of a more sedentary lifestyle. The app monitors your activity, encourages you to walk and rewards you when you’re on the move. You can start small and then go further and further to improve not only your sleep, but also your health.