How to keep talent in your company!

Today, more and more employers are faced with the challenge of finding a workforce that is reliable, has the right attitude and is determined to work hard for the success of the company. However, sometimes they forget that as well as attracting new talent, it is also important to retain older people who have actively contributed to the company’s achievements over the years.

Of course, one of the important factors is salary, as the arrival of new colleagues can easily create a salary tension among staff, so it is worth reviewing the issue every year and adjusting salaries to the company’s ability – especially at a time when people are facing a weak forint, high inflation and rising overheads. But there are other things to look at besides dirty finances to ensure that our older, talented colleagues stay with us. For example, maintaining healthy work-life balance, offering a variety of tasks and a home office all contribute to a good employee experience.

It’s up to you to decide how much you like company events and team-building sessions, but TeamPuli makes it incredibly easy to organise them. With our social pedometer, you only need to give your colleagues a goal and they can work in teams to achieve it as quickly as possible. In return, they can be given extra time off and/or a reward in kind, which is guaranteed to give them an extra incentive.

The best part is that everyone, depending on their attitude, can get as much out of it as they like, while still getting all colleagues, regardless of generation, moving forward. What’s more, they also work with each other while completing the challenge, which contributes to wellbeing as well as teamwork and cohesion between different departments.

And if we regularly activate our colleagues with TeamPuli challenges, they will be in much better shape, which will have an impact on their health and future job satisfaction. Ultimately, this is good for both the employee and the employer, as they will be better off in many ways, and will be rewarded with new and old talent.