How gamification can help you stay healthy!

One of the most important tasks of gamification is to extend the elements found in games to activities beyond games. In essence, this is the method used by TeamPuli to provide ongoing motivation for people to move as much as possible. But how can you really motivate them to do this?

It depends entirely on personality type, as everyone is looking for something different in such an activity. Some people are introverts who, in most cases, prefer to focus a large part of their attention on themselves, so their performance up to that point is the most important thing. It is a way of giving them feedback on how well they have done by spending some of their time moving, and in return they are rewarded with virtual badges and milestones. They may also find that their actions in the TeamPuli app can contribute to the success of their team, which can make them a more useful member of the micro-community.

But for outward-facing, extraverted colleagues, it’s not just about achieving big step numbers, but also about being able to connect with their colleagues as much as possible. They can use TeamPuli’s Team Chat feature to talk to each other, encourage their team members and collect praise from them. Of course, they can also be very proud of their achievements so far, so they can see how they’ve done so far in terms of steps, daily achievements and challenges in the Achievements menu.

Almost everyone likes to make progress in their lives in some way, and we provide users with the steps they can take in TeamPuli to prove it. All they need to do is launch the app as many times as possible after a long walk, which will allow them to reach higher individual levels. We’re also highlighting how long-term exercise can pay off, as they become stronger and stronger in body, mind and health.

And the latter is a huge treasure, because if we think ahead and take the necessary daily steps, supported by gamification methods, we can protect ourselves from all harm more cheaply than if we go for expensive tests or treatments later.