The Impacts of Digital Transformation on Team Building

Today, almost everything has its digital version. Communication, the photos you take, your signature, and even events. The digital transformation is changing our lives, and with the pandemic, this process has become even faster. Now, core memories – for example graduation, the first job interview, etc. – are being made digitally. With a device. 

The impacts of digital transformation are visible on a wide scale. It has advantages, but also, there is a dark side to digitalization. A business can come back stronger after the pandemic than before, but also, it can go bankrupt. What are the rules of this digital revolution?

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business. With one word, all it means is change. Constant, flexible, and fast change. Switching from analog methods to digital solutions will create new workflows, stronger security, and higher efficiency, leading to an increase in productivity and profit. 

Apart from that, the most important result of digital transformation is the amount of data. Stored in the cloud, almost everything in the past is available immediately. This data can be analyzed and used to optimize the organization or to get more customers.

But also, you can collect data from your employees, and use them to understand their problems, see their work methods, and motivate them to be more productive.

Benefits of digital transformation

So, how can a business benefit from digital transformation?

  • Collecting client and employee data can optimize the product, service, or management to get more satisfied customers and happier colleagues. 
  • Thus, operation costs will decrease. Also, you can save some money on employee turnovers, if you use digital tools to keep your workers. You can read more about this later in the article.
  • Team communication and collaboration can get better. If your workers are connected and the communication is fast, they might solve problems earlier. In addition: the customer will be more satisfied too.
  • You can reach cloud data anytime, anywhere. So your business doesn’t have to stop. This leads to increased agility and a more flexible company culture. Now you are able to give out some home office days to your employees!
  • This all results in increased profits by approximately 20-50%!

Impact of the digital revolution on employees

Yes, digital transformation provides additional benefits for a company, but it won’t necessarily make employees happier. As a manager, you have to be ‘pushy’ to introduce an innovation, but don’t be that rapid, and note the needs of the older generation too. 

Some digital development may sound unnecessary at first. Elaborate why it will be a help for your company and teach your workers to use digitalized tools effectively. If there is no communication, or testing that involves your employees, they might have the feeling that it’s another modernization, which gives them new software to learn, thus making their life more complicated.

remote work

Virtual team-building: Examples of digital transformation

It’s not easy to organize team-building activities, especially now, during/after the pandemic. People like to keep their distance from others. But, thanks to digital technology, it’s possible to create virtual team-building events for your employees. 

You can play games online, or do a remote work bingo.

Use digital technology to motivate employees

Digital transformation changes the perceptions of value for customers and employees. While sitting 8 hours in front of a computer screen, people now have the need to focus on their health. TeamPuli helps you with that, offering a remote team-building concept. This will help to get your less active colleagues involved too!

TeamPuli is also an excellent team-building tool, as it brings colleagues closer together in a hybrid, home office, or fully office-based environment, where they can get to know each other and effective teamwork in a new way. One of the biggest benefits is that they can learn how to compete in a safe environment, so they can put this to good use in real-life situations.

With Teampuli, you can organize remote team-building activities, and bingo can be one of them. Use our application to count the number of steps taken by your employees, so you can monitor their bingo activity. 

Teampuli is an app that allows you to organize step contests between co-workers or even departments. 


  • Teams and challenges can be set up within a few minutes
  • Wherever your colleagues are in the world, the number of steps adds up
  • Challenges can be tailored to your company’s needs
  • Interactive features and a rewarding system to keep your colleagues motivated
  • Improves the sense of belonging
  • Reduces integration difficulties
  • Promotes a healthier lifestyle