Valentine’s Day can be fit, too – in fact, it only makes it more fun

Did you successfully stick to your New Year’s resolution? Dry January, lifestyle-change? Why would you deviate from this beautiful path just because it’s Valentine’s Day? After all, every day can be spent in the spirit of health and activity – spend you Valentine’s Day fit, and you also work towards enjoying each other’s company for […]

Believe it or not: cold is really healthy!

Winter still reigns, and it’s a season very few people like – but few know that controlled and careful, but regular cold exposure has many health benefits. Be careful! The use of cold temperature for therapeutic purposes is an age-old practice, it was already known in ancient Egypt, but modern science forgot about it for […]

New Year’s resolutions? Or real change instead?

Most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions in the first few days: after the overly generous vow, they lose the spirit even after a small stumble. Without understanding and patience, instead of a new, positive habit, the ’gain’ is a failure. We help to prevent it! Step 0: Clarification When thinking about New […]

The Ideal Team-Building Budget

Team building budget

Some managers love to save money on the department’s team-bonding activities, while others find it outrageous if the company cuts the team-building budget. Who is right, what is the cost of corporate events, and how to spend money wisely on your team? We will tell you! Why organize team-building events? There are many types of […]

Live a healthier life with TeamPuli!

In Hungary, many people suffer from diseases that could easily be prevented by a healthy or even healthier lifestyle. However, we often like to make excuses for why we don’t make the lifestyle change, even though it doesn’t have to be as drastic as we might first think. The principle of gradualness is very important […]