Valentine’s Day can be fit, too – in fact, it only makes it more fun

Did you successfully stick to your New Year’s resolution? Dry January, lifestyle-change? Why would you deviate from this beautiful path just because it’s Valentine’s Day? After all, every day can be spent in the spirit of health and activity – spend you Valentine’s Day fit, and you also work towards enjoying each other’s company for as long as possible. Here are some tips.

Let’s go outside!

This is what George Michael suggests in his hit song, the lyrics of which are not about simply being in the open air, but about something much more mischievous – Google it! 😉 This line also the perfect motto of a fit Valentine’s Day. Spruce up this year’s Valentine with a refreshing outdoor walk – Lupi the dog and – especially! – your own energy levels will thank you! If it’s cold, dress in layers, maybe take hot tea or coffee with you in a thermos. Did you know that being in nature helps you focus? So while walking outside you could really pay attention to each other! You can spice up your walk with a little motivation: the end point of the route can be, say, a massage parlor, where you can relax together after exercise.

Chef championship at home

A nice restaurant is always a great experience, but on this day it is typically a real hell to get a table… plan instead to cook at home, so you can also flex your cooperation muscles. This way you can also know for sure what is in the food, you can prepare it according to your own tastes, dietary restrictions or allergies. It is also fun if you divide up who is responsible for which dish. Don’t forget the festive atmosphere! Now is the time for the beautiful tablecloth, the pretty tableware, a candle, a bunch of flowers on the table, and if your favorite songs are playing in the background, it will definitely crown the evening.

Let there be dance!

Going to the cinema is always a good date, but try something new: go dancing today instead! If you are not a professional dancer, you can also go to a guided lesson and have a great time laughing together at your clumsiness. But it’s even better if you don’t want to dance WELL – perfectionism is not necessary for this day – just dance. Subtle physical closeness, humor, tenderness – and you even stay active!