Tiny habits for a healthy life

We are the prisoners of our habits: we have our morning routines, our tried-and-true routes, our frequently cooked recipes, and so on. Introduce small changes for healthy habits and your life will be better! 1. Your sleep There is a lot of talk about the quality of sleep and the amount of sleep, but actually […]

Valentine’s Day can be fit, too – in fact, it only makes it more fun

Did you successfully stick to your New Year’s resolution? Dry January, lifestyle-change? Why would you deviate from this beautiful path just because it’s Valentine’s Day? After all, every day can be spent in the spirit of health and activity – spend you Valentine’s Day fit, and you also work towards enjoying each other’s company for […]

Believe it or not: cold is really healthy!

Winter still reigns, and it’s a season very few people like – but few know that controlled and careful, but regular cold exposure has many health benefits. Be careful! The use of cold temperature for therapeutic purposes is an age-old practice, it was already known in ancient Egypt, but modern science forgot about it for […]