Cross-country steps for happier workers!

Most managers already know very well that it is not easy to motivate employees, as everyone has different motivating factors. This is particularly true for older employees and those who have been with the company for years or even decades, as it is difficult to offer them something really exciting or even new.

But TeamPuli is designed to help you make life better not only for your colleagues, but also for your company, with a few simple steps. Our Community Pedometer is a universal tool that’s easy for anyone to use and achieves success in a short time.

As a manager, all you need to do is register and set a company challenge for your colleagues, then manually or automatically divide them into teams to complete the task together. TeamPuli is designed to bring together colleagues from two of the most remote locations in the country, all you need is a smartphone and mobile internet.

Thanks to the shared chat, the team members can chat virtually anytime, so they can get to know each other better and encourage their colleagues to keep up. The bigger the rewards we offer them, the more willing they will be to participate, so think carefully about what we want to give to the best performing teams.

Luckily, there’s no need to worry about the more passive employees not being involved in the company challenge, as they only need to walk to collect steps for their team – a form of exercise that practically everyone does in their everyday lives. TeamPuli’s system keeps an eye on them and rewards them for getting more exercise: they can earn virtual badges, reach digital milestones and even spruce up their avatar with rewards earned along the way.

This guarantees a nationwide – or even transnational – walking spree, which benefits both employer and employee, as colleagues will be healthier, more relaxed and mentally better than before thanks to the exercise. We call this a real win-win situation, and we think you should try it too!