How to Overcome Memory Block?

The memory block can get you into awkward situations. Because of this block, you can remain speechless at important times. But what causes this and how can you overcome memory block? There are some ways to improve yourself.

What is a mental block?

Memory problems are no joke. It’s also important to seek medical advice if you find yourself forgetting too many things. It can be Alzheimer’s disease, but you don’t necessarily have to think about the worst-case scenario first. Stress disorder can affect memory too, both long-term and short-term memory. 

By definition, a mental block is an inability to recall something or to perform a mental action. It can happen to anyone, so it’s important to pay attention to this “inability”. 

What can cause a memory block?

A memory block is all about mental health conditions. You might be an A student, if you have post-trumatic stress disorder, you can easily get a C for your exam. But research shows not only PTSD or Alzheimer’s can cause a memory block.

Simple stress, insomnia, tiredness, being overwhelmed and unrested are reasons to develop mental blocks.

Because of the above-mentioned states, a part of the brain can not function properly. But it’s not just that: 

  • Lack of preparation
  • Lack of practice
  • Bad focus
  • Negativity
  • And depression 

can also affect your brain function. So if you just made your presentation the previous night, there is a big chance that memory block will influence your performance. And even if you think about how you cannot do something, your memory will fail you. 

How to overcome memory block?

Of course, there are methods to overcome memory blocks. It requires effort from you, but it will pay off. 


Lack of sleep is causing memory loss, so a little advice: sleep enough and take some rest during the day too. A 10-minute break every hour can positively affect your mental health, reducing stress and increasing your ability to focus. 


Have a plan, do not procrastinate. The more you delay, the bigger the chance you will forget something. Plan ahead, thus minimizing your stress level.


Learn and practice. Even learn how to learn effectively! Practice some relaxation techniques, and do some yoga, until you can cool down in every situation. Use memory techniques if you struggle to recall phrases or thoughts.

Change your attitude

That’s the hardest part. Avoid your self-limitations, find the source of your mental problems, and expect success from yourself. Say: ‘I can do it!’


Move your body, accelerate your mind. It’s one of the best ways to overcome memory blocks. Outdoor activities freshen the brain and also eliminate stress. Studies have shown that even a picture of nature can make people feel better. How about going out and taking a walk?

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